A Giant Replica of Mars placed at the UK’s Natural History Museum

A Giant Replica of Mars placed at the UK’s Natural History Museum


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Museum: The Natural History Museum in London has exposed a Replica of Mars. Moreover, to mark the recent arrival of NASA’s Perseverance rover on the red planet.

On the other hand, the seven-meter-wide artwork is an interruption from the roof in the Hintze Hall. Moreover, it is created by UK artist Luke Jerram. Further, it features artwork from previous NASA missions. It is placed there in tribute to the rover’s landing on Mars after a seventh-month journey from the Earth.

While there, it will search for an indication of past microbial life and scientists from the museum. However, working with NASA and the European Space Agency to advise on rock and soil sample collection. Moreover, the rover will select scientifically absorbing Martian rock and soil. Samples to make over the surface environment of Mars billions of years ago. When it is believing that life could have existed.

On the other hand, Museum scientists Prof Caroline Smith and Dr. Keyron Hickman-Lewis form part of the NASA Mars 2020 Science Team and they will help to make decisions about sampling and analysis throughout the course of the mission.

Furthermore, Perseverance will land at Jezero crater, a 28-mile-wide depression containing diverse sediments of an ancient river delta. It presents the most opportune environment in which past life could preserve.

Perseverance is the biggest and most advancing vehicle ever sent to land on another planet and it will drill 7cm into the rocks on the planet’s surface. When the rover reaches a suitable location, the tubes will place on the planet’s surface to collect by a future retrieval mission planned for the early 2030s.

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