Afghan Nationals continues Protest in front of the UNHCR office

Afghan Nationals continues Protest in front of the UNHCR office

Still, Afghan nationals continue their objections in front of the UNHCR office in Delhi. Today is the third day of Afghan’s protest. They said that they did not stop their protest until they get their demands. However, refugee status is the main demand of its nations. Moreover, resettlement prospects in third world countries, support of security from the global body, and the Indian government are also demands of Afghans.

According to the source, a number of Afghan citizens along with women and children’s sat through the night at the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) office.

One of the members of the Afghan community said that they will not let the future of their children hang in dilemma. However, he participated in the protest with his two children’s Hafizulla and Hasibulla.

He also stated that if they did not get refugees status their children will not able to study and get a job. And, we want to leave Afghanistan to escape from the Taliban. For that, we have to need refugee status to live a normal life.

For years, the UNHCR is delaying the process of refugee status. Afghans also said as they are already spent a couple of years trying to get refugee status. But, now they have been asked to wait another one and half years.

The protest was organized by Afghan Solidarity Committee (ASC). As of the reports, it will continue for two to three days.

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