Athens Tobacco Factory recognizes being Art Museum

Athens Tobacco Factory recognizes being Art Museum

The former tobacco factory is one of the oldest and prominent buildings in Athens. Now, Athens Tobacco Factory becomes a cultural center. As of the source, NEON organization founder Dimitris would work with the government of Greek for helping them to change the slant of Athens as a place for renovated art exhibitions. Moreover, they plan to turn it into one of the best visiting places among the Greeks.

Further, the exhibition will open in the coming year. Moreover, the government has turned it into the context of the 200th anniversary of Greece’s liberation from the Ottoman Empire. At present, the Tobacco factory building in Lenorman street remains divided into two participants. In that one half stays unused and another one has run as the library of the Hellenic parliament.

Further, the founder of Neon and Dimitris will support all expenses related to the project. Further, the project will cost around 1 million euros. The exhibition may feature ‘international artists‘ works like Michael Rakowitz, Glenn Ligon, and Danh Waugh. Moreover, the first event will be portals also known as a group of the exhibition that features 40 artists.

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A source added that the director of the Chicago Museum of contemporary art and the director of the Neon will organize the event. As well, the 65,000 square meters Tobacco factory will not become only a house for an exhibition also a cultural program. The event will organize between June and December 2021 conceived in collaboration with the government.

Athens becomes Art World: 

From many centuries till 2017, the Greek capital has never been called the artistic capital of the world. Now, it can call the most visible space and trendy art center in the world. The founder of Neon said that the new art space will create a new epic or trend for Greek cultural history.

Further, the impression on national self-awareness which is a piece of a worldwide spirit of light is proposed in its own particular manner through the exhibition presented by Daskalopoulos said a source.

By using this effort, the government of Greek plans to develop some standards regarding the arts. As of the source, they are planning to develop dimensions of art and to mark the modern creativity of Greek. Further, they have other plans like to advance the model of a joint effort and to implement unparalleled projects. It is deserving of a renovated and developed progressive society.

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