Beautiful Landscapes and Villages in Southern Italy

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Southern Italy: It is a macro-region of Italy located in the southern half of the Italian state. However, it has both historic and cultural regions across Southern Italy. Initially, the city was under the administration of Naples and Sicily Kingdoms and later shared a common administration in Italy’s largest pre-unitarian state. 

Besides, we have plenty of breathtaking landscapes, rich history, and traditional food preparations across South Italy. But, many people don’t know compared to other areas like Bel Paese. On the other side, the tourism department making several initiatives to make the place more popular like Cammino Materano city.

Beautiful Landscapes and Villages in Southern Italy Amalfi Coast Cooking Vacation In Italy Cooking In Paradise
 Whereas Cammino Materano is increasing projects centered on the city of Matera. The projects include six routes connecting to various cities of Southern Italy like Basilicata, Puglia, and Campania.


On the other side, the project is promoted and initiated by the local volunteers and businesses across the city. This project will help travelers to discover all the historic and peculiar places in the city.

Cammino Materano:

At present, Cammino Materano has only one fully operational route. Via Peuceta is 160 kilometers long that connects Matera to the city of Bari, the route has info points, hostels, and maps.

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Cammino Materano – la via Ellenica

On the other side, Via Ellenica is in the final stage of work that connects Matera to the city of Brindisi, the route has almost 290 kilometres and 15 stops.

Beautiful Landscapes and Villages in Southern Italy

Whereas the route touches UNESCO World Heritage Sites and the Natural Park located in Terra Delle Gravine.

However, travelers from different countries can rely on tourist guides. The info points are also there to help travelers during the trip and they also receive a certificate called Testimonium.

The city of Matera is the heart of the Cammino Materano. The certificate will be awarded for walking at least 100 kilometres during the trip, it was inspired by Compostela for the Way of St James.


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