Bengaluru airport area flooded after heavy rains, passengers take Tractor Ride To Reach Airport

Bengaluru airport area flooded after heavy rains:

Bengaluru airport area flooded after heavy rains, There were bizarre scenes on the roads outside the Kempegowda International Airport (KIA). In Bengaluru were seen inundated and several passengers were stranded on the sidewalks with their luggage in hand. Few passengers saw scrambling onto tractors to reach. The airport on October 11 night after their cars stranded due to waterlogging. The airport police and groups from the Bengaluru International Airport were on the streets coordinating traffic and aiding the abandoned travelers. 20 flights headed from Bengaluru to Chennai, Pune, Hyderabad, Mangaluru, Mumbai, Kochi, and Panaji postponed, an air terminal representative affirmed.

To catch a flight from the Bengaluru air terminal some passengers had to take a tractor ride to reach the gates of the terminal, thanks to a heavy spell of rain. In the area late on Monday night which led to waterlogging on roads. on their way to the airport, left stranded. While passengers, too, we’re unable to enter or leave the terminals. Left with no choice, people were forced to take tractor rides to reach the airport to catch their flights. Videos, showing tractors ferrying passengers, have gone viral on social media. The roads outside the Kempegowda International Airport (KIAL) seen inundated and several passengers stranded. On the sidewalks with their luggage in hand.

In the meantime, in Konappana Agrahara’s cutoff points of the IT center. A man lost his life because of a short out in a house that overflowed, police said. “There were two individuals inside, the subsequent individual figured out how to get away,” Dr. Sanjeev M Patil, Deputy Commissioner of Police, West Division, Bengaluru City, said. For Tuesday, the climate body has anticipated a “weighty downpour with lightning and tempest” in Karnataka’s capital city.


Bangalore International Airport

“We had never seen a situation like this since 2008 when the airport became operational. The tractor was not from the airport… Water was everywhere, outside the airport… even the arrival and the departure area flooded,” said Jayraj Shanmugam CEO of Bangalore International Airport Limited. Bengaluru city on Monday saw substantial precipitation, causing a flood-like circumstance across the city. The India Meteorological Department has anticipated weighty downpour, tempest, and lighting for now also.

A substantial spell of downpour in a limited capacity to focus season of around 15-30 minutes prompted the waterlogging, climate authorities said. Bengaluru recorded 178.3 mm precipitation more than 24 hours finishing 8.30 am on Tuesday, October 12, as per the Meteorological Center. In correlation, Bengaluru city got 32.6mm of precipitation, while Bengaluru HAL recorded 20.8mm. As per the Meteorological Center, Bengaluru will see commonly shady skies with not many spells of downpours/thundershowers likely.

Many components are ascribed to the purpose for the substantial spells. While IMD authorities have said a cyclonic flow over. The Bay of Bengal has brought about a weighty downpour during October. A few specialists showed a dangerous atmospheric deviation and environmental change as components that affected. The precipitation situation in the nation and the state during rainstorm 2020. Climate researcher PK Suresha let TOI know that because of variance in climate designs because of environmental change. The exceptional and substantial storm has accounted for rather than the consistent downpour.

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