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Best Summer Holiday Destinations throughout the world

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When hearing the word “summer,” vacations are the first thought that comes to mind. The choice of the top Summer Holiday Destinations around the world, for a perfect vacation, may appear thrilling, but the process can be difficult.

For this reason, we have gathered the best summer holiday destinations in the world that will take your international trip to the next level. You will find affordable and luxurious options to choose from. All directions will cover – North, South, East, and West.

Further, there is something extraordinary about every single destination on this list, and it fills you with excitement. Let’s scroll here are five of the best places to spend a summer vacation around the world.

Most Fun and Attractive Summer Vacations spots

  1. Kerala – Ride In The Houseboat On Backwaters
  2. Kodaikanal– Cool and Misty Weather
  3. New Zealand – Scenic Landscapes For Nature Lovers
  4. Colorado – A Summer Paradise
  5. Bali – Honeymooner’s Paradise
  6. Tahiti – A Sweeter Place


One of the best summer holiday destinations in South India remains Kerala. Travelers don’t need an introduction to this god’s city. In June, Kerala’s tropical paradise serves as one of the best holiday destinations because of its combination of hill stations, tea plantations, backwaters, and beaches. Kerala is known for its adventure sports.


The princess of hill stations, Kodaikanal is known of the most famous honeymoon destinations in India. However, as it is surrounded by the Palani Hills to the south, the hill station is popularly known as ‘the gift of the forest’. Visit the beautiful lakes and waterfalls of Kodaikanal before the beauty of Kodaikanal overwhelms you.

New Zealand:

The best and finest summer tourist place in the world is New Zealand. With its beautiful landscapes, it remains perfect for all types of travelers such as photographers, nature lovers, new couples, adventure seekers, etc.


It remains a state in the mountain west subregion of the western US. Generally, Colorado exists known as a winter destination. But, it would be famous as a summer paradise when you visit with your loved ones.


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