Center of Legal Dispute sold Tarsila do Amaral Artworks

Center of Legal Dispute sold Tarsila do Amaral Artworks

Tarsila do Amaral, the finest Brazilian painter. She is one of the leading Latin American modern artists. As per the source, the last week, the Sao Paulo Auction has sold Tarsila do Amaral painting for a record price of 57.50 million Brazilian reals. It is the most known and expensive artwork ever sold at an Auction. Moreover, one of the best artwork that sold for high cost by Latin American Artist. Tarsila had hundreds of drawings, illustrations, prints, murals, five sculptures, and 230 paintings. Moreover, she has an effect on the direction of Latin American art.

According to the source, Caipirinha 1923 is one of the known paintings by Tarsila. It came to sale by court order from the collection of banker Salim Taufic Schahin. He is one of the members of the Schahin investment group. As per the records, in 2018, the investment firm was going to ruin. At that time, the government has rejected a request to block the sale. It was claimed by Schahin’s son. Because in 2013, he was purchased the painting to gifted to his father.

Besides, the Canvas was sold at Sao Paulo-based Bolsa de Art auction house. However, it sold above $47.05 million reais. It was going ultimately to a Brazilian buyer after drawing the 19 birds.


In 2015, Alberto da Veiga Guignard’s Vaso de Flores sold for $1.12 million dollars. As compared to Alberto’s sales result, the Brazilian Artist achieved that. In 2013, another artist from Brazilian Lygia Clark’s Modulated Surface made for 5.03 million reais.

Artworks of Tarsila

She was born in Brazil. Recently, she was the subject of an acclaimed survey that showed at the Museum of Modern Art and the Art Institute of Chicago. It happens between 2017 and 2018. Further, in 2019, a separate review did left on view at the Museum of Art of Sao Paulo. Moreover, Tarsila’s painting works from 1920 obtained her most desired-after works. Besides, many of them held privately.

In New York, the Argentine businessman and art collector Eduardo Costantini bought Abaporu for $1.04 million during the sale. At that time, the market increased for Tarsila’s work. 

According to the reports, in October 2020, a painting creates a huge demand in the TEFAF New York online edition. It is available at a price of $7 million. Moreover, it was made in the early stage of Tarsila career Idilio in 1929.

Besides, her first painting was sold in MoMA’s acquisition worth $20 million.

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