Central Government Employee Salary Updates

Central Government Employee Salary Updates

In the last month, the central govt. has given a double dhamaka Diwali gift to their staff with a hike in allowance, HRA, and TA. Again, the centre plans to give a hike to their employees on the new year celebrations. As of the source, the increment could return as a rise within the piece of pay in pay band+ grade pay issue. Moreover, it also considers the factor of the primary salary or the minimum wage of a central government employee.

There has been a request from those who working for the CG to increase the fitment factor from 2.57% to 3.68%. However, the govt. plan to take the right decision mostly before the presentation of the Union Budget 2022.

Union Cabinet Approval for Central Government Employee Fitment Factor issue

A green signal from the Union Cabinet will be needed to include the increment in the upcoming budget. With an increase in the fitment factor, central government employees’ salaries will increase, as well as their minimum wages. According to this calculation, the basic salary is Rs. 18,000 based on the fitment factor of 2.57%. By accepting the proposed 3.68% fitment factor, the government will able to increase the basic salary by Rs. 8,000 and reach a level of Rs. 26,000.

Further, the increment of fitment factor issue goes to bring vast relief for lakhs of central government workers. The government might hold a gathering with the staff representative organization to require a final appeal of the unfinished arrear issue within the DA increment.

The govt accumulated the DA of its workers in July this year. However, worker organizations are exacting the appliance of the revised DA from Jan one, 2020. The central government had retained the payment of DA in 2020. Govt. made it as a result of cash troubles caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Whereas the Dearness Allowance payment came with gain in July this year. Moreover, the workers are exacting the appliance of updated allowances as per the earlier stated dates. The government has been communicating with the staff relating to their considerations however a final outcome is due. If the government determines to pay the DA arrears, it will bring an oversized relief to thousands of staff and pension holders.

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