Chenab Railway Bridge becomes world’s highest bridge

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The River, Chenab remains a major one that flows in India and Pakistan. Now, the government planned to construct the bridge on this river. J&K lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha said that the construction of Chenab Railway Bridge will be completed by September 2022.

To ensure the progress, prosperity, and development of the region, Sinha said the Centre has doubled the budget for Jammu and Kashmir since 2019. Moreover, the economy of J&K would soon double as a result of the annual budget allocation of Rs. 1.12 lakh crores.

Since August 2019, the development speed has doubled in the region. The completion of the highest rail bridge over the Chenab river will be in September 2022,” said officials.

J&K is to get a budget as ‘future-oriented and growth-oriented as possible and the 1.30 crores people there will be treated equally. Specifically, the budget will address the aspirations and needs of the people of J&K, according to the source.

Features of Chenab Railway Bridge:

  •  The total length of the bridge is 473.25 meters.
  • On the other hand, the weight of the arch is 10,619 MT.
  • It remains developed to resist high wind speed up to 266-kilo meters per hour.
  • Moreover, the authority will allow it at a restricted speed of 30-kilo meters per hour.
  •  The officials of the bridge remain considering using Tekla software for structural detailing.

According to the Railways Ministry, it will be the biggest civil-engineering challenge faced by railway projects in India. The total construction cost of the bridge remains Rs. 1,486 crores. However, Chenab Railway Bridge becomes the world’s highest bridge. Moreover, it remains taller than Eifel Tower.

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