Chinese Second Village in New Satellite image

Chinese Second Village in New Satellite image

Chinese second village appeared in Satellite Images. The newly formed village has located on the side of Arunachal Pradesh. 

Satellite images do not show the new enclave in 2019, but a year later, it is clearly visible. An article on a news channel in January reported a big encroachment in Arunachal Pradesh constructed by China, and a Pentagon report just days later confirmed the claim. “China has carried out construction activities along with our border areas in the past several years, including areas which they have illegally occupied over the decades, “India reacted sharply to that report. As for China’s unjustified claims, India has neither accepted the occupation of its territory nor accepted their claims.

Between the Line of Actual Control (LAC) and the International Boundary lies about 6 kilometers of the second enclave within India. The country has consistently claimed it as its own. There is no indication in the images whether the enclave is occupied.

Bharatmaps, an online map service operated by the Government of India, shows the exact location of the new enclave. The location of the building is also confirmed by a digital map of India, detailed by the Surveyor General of India.

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