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Disney’s upcoming significant excited film named ‘Strange World.’ This highly anticipated film will be released on November 23rd, 2022. The studio team remains thrilled to welcome back Raya and the Last Dragon director Don Hall to join Qui Nguyen on this new adventure. This pulpy wild adventure stood tweeted out to all the fans on social media. Known for exploring dangerous environments, the Clades family made a name for themselves. To come out unscathed from this latest expedition, they will need to work together. Disney Animation Studio has always produced grandiose vistas and wonderful colors. Fans still can’t wait to see what Hall and Nguyen will do with this take on things this time around.

A short secret for Disney Animation Studios‘ Strange World with Don Hall, Qui Nguyen, and Roy Conli does deliver on Monday. It will bring crowds profound into a strange land brimming with fantastical animals. Bizarre World will show up on November 23, 2022.


At the point when he was a child, he adored perusing mash magazines. In these undertakings, a gathering of voyagers found a secret world or tracked down antiquated animals. This was a significant effect on Strange World.

They tossed their full help behind Hall’s vision on Raya, and they will rehash it on Strange World dependent on how well that functioned.

Disney Animation Studios’ Chief Creative Officer Jennifer Lee said that Don and Carlos’ involvement with both movement and narrating joined for Raya and the Last Dragon. This made it a unique, powerful experience. “The two of them saw the potential for the film and had a solid vision for the story, particularly for the lead character, Kelly Marie Tran. Disney Animation’s 400 craftsmen, including the chief’s Don and Carlos, authors Qui and Adele collaborating on this film in spite of being isolated and working at home.”


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