FMCG and Electronic sales fell in August

FMCG and Electronic sales fell in August

Groceries, essentials and electronic sales sharply fell in August. Specifically, During the Independence sale season, after pent-up demand fizzled out. According to the source, In the last month, the sales of Goods declined by over 14% as compared to July sales. At the same time, televisions, washing machines and refrigerator sales down by 20%.

This year, the smartphone shipment results in around 50 million as compared to 54 million in the last year. 


According to expert reports, the gross sales of 7.05 million retail stores throughout the nation in August dropped by 14.05%. And there is an excess stock available at Kirana stores across the country.

As per the reports, the main reason for the fall of FMCG and groceries sale remains the lack of major online sales. It happened due to the pent-up demand after the second wave of pandemics. 

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