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Successful Frozen food maker, Rojo’s Famous has launched a crowdfunding campaign in the equity segment through Micro Ventures. Two friends started the frozen foods business in 2017. They had developed an exclusive pancake cooking process. After some time, they realized that there’s no innovation in the hand-made frozen pancakes.

Finally, those two achieved an innovative pancakes process. Now, the business is placed at the top one in the world. These are oil-free pancakes. Consumers heat and serve the pancake sandwiches for a quick. The item’s so delicious and tasty. They sold in grocery chains as well as on the brand’s website.

According to the financial statement, in 2020, ROJO’s Famous produced revenue of around $1.28 million which gained 271% on a YoY basis.

The company has a faced lot of demand from existing consumers as well as in the market. Recently, the firm expanded its production facility to fulfill orders to 1,250 Walmart locations.

Further, this year, the frozen food firms plan to enter into the new markets and also into a few Walmart stores. The official of the company said that they forward to raising over $2,50,000 through its sale of Service B preferred stock. As of today, the firm raised $1.1 million from 244 investors. It accepts a minimum of $101.75 investment.

Product Manufacturing Process:

Rojo’s Famous has invented a frozen breakfast pancake cooked through the firm’s proprietary oil-free technique. After that, the items were covered around the filling. However, it utilized unpretending components like cage-free eggs, non-GMO elements for the coverup. Finally, the items are packed in recyclable and compostable packs.

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