Google News service may resume in Spanish

Google News service may resume in Spanish

A piece of news speculated in the back days as Alphabet remains to bring off individual licensing deals with the Spanish news industry. Owing to allow the Google News service to resume in Spanish.

EU copyright law:

Now, Spanish authorities have adopted a copyright directive, which belongs to the European Union, that allows third-party online news platforms to transmit directly with content providers. This is a major step towards Google’s return to Spain as part of Google News Service, the government said.

In 2014, Google closed its news service in Spain. As of the source, it had forced to pay a collective licensing fee for republishing the headlines and snippets of news. For that reason, the Google News service closed in Spain.


As per the EU legislation, it requires Google, Facebook, and other platforms to share their revenue with publishers. However, it excludes the collective fee. Moreover, it allows those platforms to relinquish individual or group deals with publishers.

On the other hand, Google wanted to bring back its broadcast service to Spain. But, before making any firm commitments, it should plan to analyze the law clearly, said Google.

As of the source, the new law will help artists and creators to receive decent payment for their work. Because the new law remains to bring national copyright legislation into step with the digital environment.

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