Government declaration on International Tourism

Government declaration on International Tourism

The Indian government has barred international tourism during pandemic situations. It does not allow its citizens to go to other countries. Moreover, it remains not conceded other countries’ people to visit India. Especially, we also knew that at peak of the pandemic stage, Indian states governments put the lockdown to stop other state people at their boundaries. Now it is great news for travelers who lovers to visit charming landscapes and stunning attractions around the world.

Likely, the government has planned to release COVID restrictions and allow international tourists as countrywide cases of COVID-19 ought mostly settled constantly over the last few weeks. Moreover, it will confirm its statements within the next 10 days.

From the first outbreak of the infectious disease in the country, It has not issued Visas for foreign tourists. Reopen plan remains in line with the Prime Minister of India. As of the PM statement, the government plans to let foreign tourists into Goa.


“Tourism activities will renew in the coming tourism season just like before. The government has planning to allow foreign tourists to come here… This will be possible when people give as much importance to corona precautions as much as have given for vaccinations. It is our duty,”  PM said in its statement.

On Saturday, PM has also discussed free-visa schemes. The movie will help to resume the tourism, hospitality, and aviation sectors that have been severely cracked by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The cost for a month-long e-tourist visa is country-specific but ranges around $25 in terms of Indian rupees Rs. 1,842. A year-long multiple-entry tourist visa charge costs around $40 or approximately Rs. 3,000. 

However, the conditions should apply to all tourists. It may allow or consider visas for vaccinated travelers only.


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