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Government officials are thinking of using imported gas. They plan to use gas to restart NTPC power plants with a combined capacity of 5 GW. It will provide electricity during the monsoon season, concerned about coal shortages due to rain-slowed mining.

A unit of imported gas-produced electricity may cost about 22-23%, more than four or five times the current tariff. According to officials, this would be the highest-ever tariff. But this is the only option available, as all power plants are operating at full capacity in hot weather conditions.

NTPC Power Plants

The power ministry authorities conduct meetings with NTPC and GAIL regarding the gas-based NTPC power plants proposals said a source.

According to a government official, the government is looking at the possibility of operating gas-based power plants, but there are a number of challenges, especially high tariffs. “The tariffs are four to five times as high as current tariffs, which raises questions about states’ acceptance.

Over 211 GW of electricity consumed in India during peak hours over three consecutive days last week. In the last month, it contains around 20 million tonnes of coal. But, now, it reached to24 million tonnes of coal in power plants. However, even when blended with 10% imported coal for the monsoon, when coal supplies are affected by rain, these aren’t enough.

According to the official, the Union power ministry is considering a number of options for generating power from gas and selling it to power distribution companies, according to the official.

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