Honaryar and Mr. Khalsa thank Indian Government

Honaryar and Mr. Khalsa thank Indian Government for rescue from Kabul

On Sunday morning, the Indian government rescued Indians and Afghans. A total of 168 people along with 107 Indians and 23 Afghan Sikhs and Hindus. Indian Air Force transport aircraft shifted Indians and some Kabul citizens from Kabul to Ghaziabad’s Hindon Airport. They used C-17 heavy-lift military aircraft for shifting the people.

People related to the evacuation mission said that Afghan lawmakers Anarkali Honaryar and Narender Singh Khalsa and their families were also rescued from the Taliban.

Mr. Khalsa said that India is his second home. He also added that the Taliban separated Afghans from others while we were going to Kabul airport on Sunday as we are Afghan nationals. We ran out from there because small children were with us.

Who saved from evacuees felt that they will return to their nation when it rebuilt itself.

Mr. Khalsa said that it’s hard to find who Taliban and who is not. Because the Taliban remains not one group and has 10-12 sections when he explaining Afghanistan affairs and its new rulers.

However, they thanked the Indian government, PM Narendra Modi, MEA and, the Indian Air Force for rescuing them from Kabul.

According to the source, Yesterday, India shifted around 400 people, including 329 of Indian nations, and in other 3 flights as part of its efforts to evacuate its citizens from Kabul.

Further, a group of 87 Indians and two Nepalese nationals remain rescued in special Air India flights from Dushanbe. Moreover, in the last few days with a help of US and NATO aircraft around 135 Indians evacuated from Kabul to Doha.

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