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Indian Startup Companies: India stood in third place in the world’s largest unicorn-hosted companies. The experts said that the country will have around 122 unicorns in the coming 2 years. In the first half of 2022, around 20 unicorns are founded in India. Those unicorns are valued at a total of $26 billion.

Currently, Indian Startup Companies valued at $49 billion, up 36% from last year. Startups that reach more than $1 billion in valuation considered unicorns.

The ASK Private Wealth Hurun India Future Unicorn Index measures the most valuable private equity in Indian founded after the year 2000. It ranked as per their latest funding round valuation.

In the 2021 Index, India predicted to have 84 unicorns, 51 gazelles, and 71 cheetahs, compared to 51 unicorns, 32 gazelles, and 54 cheetahs in the Indian startup population. However, based on publicly available data, India has so far been home to 104 unicorns.

The official government data showed that India has over 69,000 start-up companies as of May 02, 2022.

Indian Startup Companies

In the ASK-Hurun report, the vast majority of these future unicorns stood created in 2015, with just 17% selling physical products and the vast majority selling software and services. The third sell to businesses, and the other half to consumers. A unicorn disrupting finance, logistics, healthcare, and education seen in the index.

The index also found that 17 gazelles and 7 cheetahs from last year’s index stood valued at unicorns this year. Nine cheetahs made it directly into the unicorn club from last year’s index, skipping the gazelle stage.

Among the most valuable gazelles a logistics tech company called Shiprocket. Juspay, a start-up providing payment infrastructure, and Pepperfry, an online furniture retailer, have regarded as the most valuable cheetahs. Bengaluru remains the start-up capital of India when it comes to start-up hubs. Delhi NCR has 25 unicorns, followed by Mumbai and Budapest have 16 and 46, respectively.

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