Jr Hockey World Cup: In the semifinals won by Germany to India

Jr Hockey World Cup: 

Reigning champs India slammed out of the FIH Hockey Men’s Junior World Cup 2021. In the wake of experiencing a 2-4 loss because of six-time champion Germany. In the semi-finals at Bhubaneswar’s Kalinga Stadium on Friday.

For Germany Erik Kleinlein, Phillip Holzmueller, Hannes Muller, Christopher Kutter got their names on the scoring sheet. While Uttam Singh and Dhami scored objectives for India at the Kalinga Stadium. Six-time champions Germany will presently conflict with Argentina. In the last of the World Cup after the last’s shootout prevail upon France. In the interim, hosts will play against France for the third completion in the show-stopper.

The Indians, who last won the Junior World Cup title in Lucknow in 2016. Looked like a pale sorry excuse for themselves against Germany. The Germans scored through Erik Kleinlein (fifteenth moment), Aron Flatten (21st), captain Hannes Muller (24th), and Christopher Kutter (25th). For India, Uttam Singh (25th) and Boby Singh Dhami (60th) were the objective getters. India will play France in the third-fourth spot grouping match on Sunday, before the last. India had before lost 4-5 against France in the pool stages.

In the subsequent half, Germany began the front foot and with the energy on their side. The nerves had their influence on India as Manjeet botched. An opportunity to get the definitive touch toward the front of the German objective in the second from last quarter.


After objective less Q3, Germany guaranteed to push down any opposition from has. The reassurance objective for India came from Dhami who rifled past German GK to slice the deficiency down the middle.

In the 42nd moment, Rajbhar wound up. In a scoring position yet Germany attendant Anton Brinckman emerged from his line to shut down the point. With four quality punishment corner experts on the side. India‘s weapon set-pieces however the German guard yielded only one to remove that variable from the challenge.

Rather than attempting to procure punishment corners. The Indian players were at fault for clutching the ball and spilling a lot inside the adversary’s circle. Germany got a set piece in the 52nd moment however neglected change over.

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