Lila de Magalhaes Artworks on Angels and Insects

Lila de Magalhaes Artworks on Angels and Insects

Lila de Magalhaes is an Artist. She works in Los Angeles. Further, the great artist takes a Bachelor of Arts (BA) from Glasgow School of Art, UK. Lila has conducted exhibitions many times around the globe. In this list Palace of Errors was the first solo presentation with Deli Gallery. It was conducted in 2019. Angels and Insects are some of the best Lila de Magalhaes Artworks.

According to the reports, she has conducted an ART exhibition at Lulu in Mexico City. The name of the exhibition is “Spank the Sky” with her solo presentation, Lulu felt gratified.

Now coming to the news, viewing the Lila de Magalhaes exhibition, everyone reminded of a recently circulating meme comparing the angles that have come to populate the artistic unreal. Chubby blond cherubs and hot, haloed femmes to those described in the Bible.

Further, the animal-headed creatures wrapped in wings and eyes, full of god’s righteous wrath. The seraph described in The Merry Arsonist would suit right with the eldritch beings imagined in the Old Testament. A caped creature, part insect, part mammal- cruise through a cloudy sky, like an emissary from another world, interpreting its backdrops with torch-like matches held up in its multiple hands.

Magalhaes’s method lends the view a spooky mysticism: the show’s five works are all involved embroideries on dyed and stretched bedsheets, lightly enriched by chalk pastel. The surfaces may slightly be worn, the colors soft and low-spirited, heightening the preternatural strangeness of her imagery.

Brazilian-Swiss artwork:

In this handful of works, the Brazilian-Swiss artist creates a delicate cosmology where animals of various types meet. These are natural and powerful, enormous and little, odd and ordinary. In Filhota, set against a field of creatively colored midnight blue and lime green. That is without a moment’s delay pleasant and experimental, a fantastic centipede surrounding the focal point of the synthesis fixes its cart eyes on a humanized butterfly with pouty red lips waving flirtily from the lower-left corner.


They are encircled by a comparable cast of characters: a humming fly with vibrating wings carefully sewed in lilac and pink, a dragonfly with squiggly appendages, a round little honey bee. The Night Shift proposes a correspondingly enthusiastic twilight party. 

A stripped blessed messenger with a threatening grin remains on the essence of a scowling bloom as a worm energetically bites on its petal. Above them, a dragonfly seeks after a butterfly, and another pair of winged bugs share a mixed drink. In this nighttime scene, de Magalhaes plays with the lively pantheism regular of youngsters’ books, where teacups and shoes have names and feelings, yet utilizes it to various closures, assuming living creatures that we will, in general, see as articles, similar to blossoms and bugs, sharing martinis and participating in light subjugation.

Spank the SKY:

Just two of the works portray people straightforwardly. In the concept of Angels and Insects, Two Gardeners is the best one. It considers peers her eye along with an opening in the earth to discover a worm’s eye thinking back. The worm is the neighbor of a couple of beets. It seemed as a cross-part of their underground habitation takes up a large portion of the picture; the view de Magalhaes presents is their reality peering into our own rather than the reverse way around.

In any case, the unbelievable Pyromania obscures the barriers among us and them all together. Moreover, the lady does represent in yellow on a pink ground. The lady appeared in the back view. She seemed with snails, butterflies, worms, and centipedes getting a ride on top as she slides away, all encompassed by vibrating, red hotlines. A bunch of human and non-human parts, heads, and eyes, the scene appears to be less similar to a crisis exit from a fire than a delighted, illusory fellowship, the euphoric disintegration of limits.

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