London’s Tower Bridge gets stuck at open position

London’s Tower Bridge gets stuck:

On Monday, a crucial place of London gave a blow to its citizens. As of the news, Tower Bridge in London is stuck in its open position. However, the same thing happens a few months ago in the same year. Generally, the bridge was operated with oil and electricity.

As of the source, it got stuck around 2:45 PM. The officials of the Police force said that the bridge was stuck due to a technical problem. The original steam-powered engines were replaced in the 19th century.

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Usually, it’s been used to crossing the River. The London bridge allows boats to pass underneath. Anyhow, the Bridge was constructed in the 18th century. In August 2020, It got stuck in the open position. At that moment, the bridge was closed for about 24 hours to resolving the problem. Now, it will take time to solve the issue.

As of the records, It’s been turned into a recognizable landmark of London. the construction of Tower Bridge commenced in 1886. In the 21st century, the bridge was closed nearly for a month in 2000. The reports concerns as t repair its bascules and other maintenance. The bascules raising and lowering operations were performed remotely by installing the computer system.

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