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A Marvelous place in South Asia

King’s Island

Maldives: It is a small archipelagic state also known as the Republic of the Maldives located in South Asia. Whereas the state lies between the southwest of Sri Lanka and India. The capital of the state is Male, traditionally also known as the ‘King’s Island. The President of the state is Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.

Unexcelled luxury, stunning beaches, and an amazing underwater world make the Maldives a perfect choice for a true holiday.

Beaches in the Maldives:

Beaches in the Maldives

The Maldives has one of the best beaches in the world. In the country, almost 1,200 islands are located and are beautifully maintained. However, you won’t find white powder sand and radiant cyan-blue water like this anywhere else in the world except in the Maldives. This reason is enough to bring millions of people a year to this tiny city, also known as the Indian Ocean paradise

Beautiful Resorts:

 Beautiful Resorts in the maldives

Each and every resort in the Maldives has its own private island. But, the only problem is designating where you want to stay. On the other side, the world’s luxurious hotels take part with each other to provide the pinnacle of luxury, providing personal butlers to serve their customers, and lap pools. They also provide in-room massages and pillow menus.

Besides, the place is also suitable for newly married couples, who are planning to visit their honeymoon. For those who are planning for a long holiday trip, the country is at the very top of their wish lists. There are plenty of choices to select five-star and six-star resorts.

The Traveler sees what he sees, The tourist sees what he has come to see.

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Independent Travel:

Independent Travel

There are a lot of changes in the country over the past 10 years. While the inhabited islands opened for tourism and the government allowed locals to build their own guesthouses. So for that reason, the Travelers are no longer to stay in resorts and remain separate from the local population. 

Whereas the Island provides us with public ferry boats, speedboats, and domestic flights for all types of visitors (budgets). The islands which are located in Male and Ari atolls are now big areas for a flourishing guesthouse industry.

Underwater World:

Underwater World in Maldives

In the Maldives, some of the best diving and swimming using snorkeling in the world. However, the clear blue sea water in the Maldives attracts everyone to swim. The underwater world is astonishing, dazzling coral walls, magnificent caves, and schools of brightly colored tropical fish await you when you get down to the reef.

In deeper waters lurk manta rays, turtles, sharks, and even the world’s largest fish, the whale shark. The best thing in the Maldives is, the water is so warm many people don’t even wear a wetsuit.


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