McCain Foods suspends delivery services in Russia

McCain Foods suspends delivery services in Russia

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Canada’s multinational frozen food company, McCain Foods Limited is the world’s largest manufacturer of frozen potato products. A piece of news circulated as McCain Foods suspended its services in Russia and also stopped a project to build a production facility in Russia on owing of the country’s attack on Ukraine.

The world’s known frozen food firm was encountered in Canada by Harrison and Wallace. Before Russia and Ukraine conflicts, the Canadian company has started to construct a production facility in the Tula Oblast region.

On Feb 2th, the firm has announced to quit its project in Russia and decided to discontinue the project completely.

The global external affairs expert said as Russia’s attack on Ukraine extremely affecting the global markets.

Further, WSP Global Inc. said that it also declining its projects in Russia. Moreover, it will stop hunting out work in that country or Belarus.

On the other hand, a few restaurants also canceled their services in Russia. As of the source, Burger Kind said it has declined its operations in the 800 franchised locations in Russia.  It also discontinues operations, marketing, and supply chain.

McCain Foods

McDonald’s, which has 62,000 employees in the country, closed its restaurants. In the past year, Burger King closed nearly 850 restaurants, most owned by the company. Closing the restaurants would cost the company about $50 million per month.

Tim Hortons owner Restaurant Brands donated $1 million to UNHCR, the refugee agency for the United Nations. In Europe, Franchisees have partnered with NGOs to provide US$2 million worth of free Whopper meal coupons to Ukrainian refugee families in those countries.

Further, Restaurant Brands International announced earlier this year it would donate profits generated in Russia to compassionate support for Ukrainian refugees.

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