Most Popular P A S S W O R D in India is…

Most Popular P A S S W O R D in India is…

It has been widely speculated that 123456 is the most popular password in India and also in other countries. But a known official said that is actually a “P A S S W O R D.” It is interesting to note, however, that Japan is the only other country to have the same top key phrase as India. Many Indians use phrases like “iloveyou”, “krishna”, “sairam” and “omsairam”, among others.

NordPass, a proprietary password manager, has found that India does particularly interested in predictable numerical and keyboard sequences.

Further, a list shows the most common and leading secret codes such as ‘12345’ and types of ‘QWERTY.’ A source said these combinations of pins are most popular around the world. Both for men and women, names and loving word secrete codes are popular in India.

On the other hand, 123456789, 12345678, india123, qwerty, abc123, xxx, Indya123, 1qaz@WSX, 123123, abcd1234, and 1qaz are common ones in this country.


However, like other countries, India has some kind of trends regarding secrete code. But, here is the news that the country holds its unique way. It has a different code that is ‘password.’

Additionally, other letter combinations that can create horizontally or vertically are very popular, according to the study. Moreover, it would be a technique to easily remember. 

In addition to illustrating how weak many of the top phrases are. Moreover, it also provides a time estimate of how long it would take a hacker to crack the secrete phrases. 

According to NordPass CEO, people still don’t maintain proper password hygiene, and passwords keep getting weaker. “Passwords did play an important role because it remains the key to our digital lives. Moreover, we spend more time online than ever before, it implies becoming vital to take better care of our cybersecurity,” said officials.

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