NASA Finds Oxygen On Moon Surface

NASA Finds Oxygen On Moon Surface

Obviously, the Moon has enough oxygen on its surface to sustain billions of people for around 1,00,000 years, according to a new study.                     

There is almost 45 percent oxygen in the regolith of the Moon. This material can be accessed by means of the surface of the satellite.

Lunar regolith contains an average of 1.4 tones of minerals per cubic meter. It contains 630 kg of O2

On daily basis, humans need 800 grams of O2 Approximately to survive their lives. An individual can live for around two years on 630 kg of oxygen, said NASA research.


  There is enough oxygen in the regolith on the Moon to extract all of it if it is about 10 meters deep. For around 100,000 years, 8 billion people on Earth could be supported by the top 10 meters of the Moon’s surface.

It is also dependent on our ability to extract and use O2.

There is an atmosphere on the Moon, but it is very thin and mostly made up of hydrogen, neon, and argon. This atmosphere is not suitable for mammals that need O2 to survive, such as humans. The Moon has plenty of oxygen, but it is not in gaseous form. The moon’s regolith, the layer of rock and fine dust covering its surface, traps it.

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