National Portrait Gallery artist collections

National Portrait Gallery artist collections

National Portrait Gallery may plan to improve collections by women presentations. On Wednesday, the museum announced a 3-year project in collaboration with Chanel. Through this move, London’s gallery looks to increase the number of portraits by women artists. Moreover, the Gallery aims to feature female sitters in its holdings.

As per the source, at present, only 25% of the portraits feature women sitters. On the other hand, nearly 12% of women artists’ works are owned by the museum. However, the Gallery aims to highlight “overlooked stories” by getting historic pictures of women.

Flavia Frigeri worked as lead to this project and conservator as well. She remains one of the key people regarding particulars. She said that there is a glaring need for more accurate research on the presents of women throughout the nation’s history. They may have put forth a significant commitment to the conflict attempt. “They may have composed compositions on mushrooms … the reach is very huge.” 


Further, researchers have already started exploring the accomplishments of little-known British women like Georgina Masson. She is the first black female officer in the British army. On the other hand, Noor Inayat Khan, a British radio operator. She worked in occupied France before her capture and execution by the Nazis.

According to the source, the National Portrait Gallery has been closed since March 2020. However, it expects to re-open in 2023. At present, the Gallery remains to support multimillion-dollar redevelopment.

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