NetApp plans to Execute Business Directly in India

NetApp plans to Execute Business Directly in India

Today, American cloud software firm NetApp. inc declared as it plans to expand its customer base in India. A leader in cloud and data-centric software firm plans to do this by enabling its Indian entity to conduct business locally and directly with its existing partners. Using this model, the company can present a pay-as-you-go model. Further, the customers can save on imports. In spite of that, the company will launch NetApp core points, a hybrid cloud program. It will offer a seamless mixed cloud experience with reduced initial expenses. Moreover, it remains to allow customers to choose from a variety of payment and subscription options.

According to the source, based on the current positions in the technology, the cloud computing storage device industry sets the benchmark for the experience of customers. Moreover, the solutions which the firm plans to introduce remain an elaborate form of the perspective.


Data fabric simplifies and integrates data infrastructure. The cloud company’s new flexible consumption models do the same at the business level.

With this move, the firm may get a chance to give much better benefits to their customers than ever before. It seems like the company will get support from its partners to move the business towards customer success. Further, this will bring with new programs which may roll out shortly.

As of the financial statements, the cloud company had reported a double-digit percentage growth on a year-on-year basis. It was posted in the All-Flash Array (AFA) market segment in India.

On a QoQ basis, the company performance shifts the position from third place to first place in the local AFA segment.

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