New Zealand Govt lay down strict lockdown for 3 days

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On Tuesday, New Zealand Government detected a single Coronavirus case in the Country. Then after PM Jacinda Ardern announced strict lockdown for days throughout the nation. Further, the government has said that the infected person’s surroundings would go into a full lockdown for seven days and the remaining country for 3 days. Meanwhile, the health authorities of the country tried to find the source of his infection.

The outbreak of COVID-19 cases aroused people to line up outside supermarkets to stock up on essential items. Moreover, the progress also brings a sharp haircut in the value of its currency.

However, the NZ government hardly tried to destroy the virus in its country. But, the last eruption was in February. NZ prime minister had already been wanted its nation the spreading the delta variant. It would likely be a more extreme reaction than the previous eruption.


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In addition, the country stood backstage in the distribution of vaccination to its citizens. As of the reports, only 32% of people get their first dose of vaccination and 18% of people are fully vaccinated.

Further, the officials of the country checking the nearby city Sydney‘s response at the time of their first outbreak. Now, New Zealand doesn’t want to make the same mistakes by waiting for elongated to inflict severe rules.

According to the official reports, New Zealand has reported just 26 virus death since the began of the pandemic in 2020. With the 3 days fully restricted lockdown rules, the vaccination schedule also suspends for two days.

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