North Evia forests again face massive wildfire

North Evia forests again face massive wildfire

North Evia forests: On Tuesday, fires exploded in the North of Evia’s forests. On that day, Ukrainian firefighters assist their Greek counterparts to rescue the forest from fire. During the rescue process, around 50 ground teams and 900 firemen, and 200 vehicles fighting the flame that erupted on August 3.

The rescue force moved into action from Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, and Poland. Moreover, those were part of a huge international retort to a Greek pleading for support.

A source cleared that Volunteers worked with firemen to combat wildfire. One of the volunteers said that the villagers and Crew of the fire service working together to save the wild from the flames.

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In the Eiva fire accident, around 49,000 hectares of forest burned and several other wildfires were burning in the country. Most of the fire erupted in the Southern Peloponnese region.

Over a few days back hundreds of homes and businesses were destroyed. Moreover, around 40,000 hectares of forest and scrub were damaged in an accident.

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