Nuclear-Capable Agni – IV Successfully Tested

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Nuclear-Capable Agni – IV Missile: An Agni-IV ballistic missile capable of hitting targets 4,000 kilometers away has been successfully tested off the Odisha coast today, marking an important advance in the country’s military capability. The test was conducted under the aegis of the Strategic Forces Command as part of routine training exercises.

According to the source, the test reasserted India’s policy of having a conceivable minimum prevention capability.

Further, the missile launched at 7.30 PM from APJ Abdul Kalam Island which is located in Odisha.

This is the fourth one in the series of Agni missiles. We also know that Agni II prime was developed by the DRDO (Defence Research and Development Organization).

Moreover, it was the seventh trial of the Nuclear-Capable Agni -IV test with a range of nearly 4,000 kilometers.

A source said as the successful test was part of routine user training launches carried out under the aegis of the SFC.

A number of missile tests have been successfully conducted during this time. Further, the Sukhoi fighter jet launched an extended range version of India’s BrahMos cruise missile recently.

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