Nykaa IPO Listing gains Updates

Nykaa IPO Listing gains Updates

India’s largest e-commerce business IPO today is listed on both NSE and BSE. As of the source, Nykaa IPO listing at Rs 2018 per share on the NSE, which gains 79.38% from its offer price of Rs 1,125. On the other hand, it got listed at Rs 2001 on BSE up 77.87% from the issue price.

The listing ceremony of FSN-Commerce Ventures Limited started at 9 AM on NSE. 

 Nykaa shares raised nearly 99% to hit an intraday high of Rs. 2,235 on the NSE.

At 2:30 PM IST, the share price reached a day high of Rs. 2,243. It reached a day low price of Rs. 2,002. 

As of the market report, the share price of Nykaa closed at Rs. 2,208 at the end of the trading season.

Further, On the first day of trade, the 52-week high price was set at Rs. 2,248 and 52-week low price was at Rs. 2,000. However, Nykaa makes a strong debut on the stock market


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