Omicron: Do not panic, fight from inside out

Omicron Variant: Don’t flow into panic mode, fight from inside out

Indian health experts say Omicron is six times more contagious than COVID.

The World Health Organization spread a piece of viral news on Monday regarding the new COVID variant. As of the news, A new COVID variant appeared in South Africa. Moreover, it carried a very high risk of infection surges. As a result, the majority of countries closed their borders and soothed fears over economic recovery from the two-year pandemic.

Further, the Airline business remains jumbled to limit the impact of the new strain on their business. In spite of delays in bookings, crumbling recovery in the global tourism industry. According to India’s top genome researcher, panicking over this new variant is not the best way to deal with it. The study that concluded Omicron is six times more transmissible than Delta variant isn’t sound science, according to experts.

They also said that the new variant remains heavily evolved. Moreover, all major sites where antibodies do expect to hold together exhibit change. Moreover, the people will successfully fight with existing immunity when we protect against new variants.

Based on his research in the hospitality industry, he believes that the best response is to maintain a level of reasonableness rather than go into a full-blown panic. In a statement, the WHO said that a spike in infections could lead to deadly consequences, but there have remained no deaths associated with the new variant.

A remarkable number of spike mutations have been found in the Omicron virus, some of which could influence the course of the disease, according to the WHO.

Expert Advice:

It does extremely advanced to say whether the latest variant is more difficult than previous variants. However, the new strain is more transmissible than previous strains, according to a South Africa infectious disease expert. Existing vaccines are likely to be effective against Omicron, say South African epidemiologists. The severity of Omicron might take weeks to be understood, according to scientists.


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