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Raymond Pettibon is an American artist. He has made animations from his drawings. He also made live-action films from his own scripts. As of the news, Raymond Pettibon’s exhibition “Pacific Ocean Pop” does not create a good impression among the visitors. However, the presentation featured dozens of drawings and canvas. Those arts last made by the artist and satirist. He remained known for his layered, enigmatic, and humorous portmanteau of text and image.

On the other hand, Raymond’s one of the best drawings went to twenty-eight pages. Moreover, the Regen Projects white box space was moved almost completely open. Anyhow, the pandemic rules impact the visitor numbers. This is the main cause of an empty gallery.

Besides, designed into topical groups comprised of immense spans of white walls, the works spun around pop cultural references and themes.


That the craftsman has utilized for quite a long time, including brilliant age comic book superheroes, Major League baseball, the clay animation character Gumby, and film noir. Moreover, the semiotic open-ends of the individual drawings were tempered by their plan into very much divided groupings. It offering traversable pathways for translation.

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Ocean painting by Raymond Pettibon

The nominal center of the establishment was an ocean, with large drawings of waves tying near clusters of tiny images. In them, rhythmic strokes of blue, green, brown, and chartreuse articulate the concave span of ocean waves as intersecting currents peak in height. The waves are about to overwhelm the small gray figure of a surfer in No Title, all 2020, only the boards appear, presented as meniscus silvers of bright red and yellow peeing within. Pettibon bids the ocean’s illustrative power, the drawings hinting at everything from threatening atmosphere down to the reality of image and info soaking in a world frequently lived online.

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