Phuket: Plans to travel with your family

Phuket: Plans to travel with your family

Phuket: Including fewer than 100 deaths and 30,000 cases since January 2020, Thailand is generally regarding as a pandemic success story. But in a country where tourism provides as much as 22% of the GDP, the economy has suffered greatly.

Moreover, fewer places have been hit harder than the tropical island of Phuket. The destination for roughly a quarter of the foreign tourists who have visited Thailand in recent years. But now, the island may be welcoming back travelers sooner than expected. If those travelers are going the Covid-19 vaccine.

Phuket: Plans to travel with your family

During the COVID- 19 situation, officials approved a plan to allow international travelers to skip quarantine. When arriving in Phuket if they have received the vaccine, beginning on July 1st. The plan is to relaunch tourism on the island, ahead of the rest of the country.

According to the Bangkok Post, a consortium of Phuket business interests pitched pooling their resources to purchase enough of the vaccine to create herd immunity on the island, paving the way for foreign tourists to visit.


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Phuket Tourist Association:

The group, which unites business owners and organizations including the Phuket Chamber of Commerce and the Phuket Tourist Association, proposed using private funds of around 4,00,000. While the island could do away with Thailand’s mandatory 14-day quarantine, a pesky deterrent for many potential international tourists.

Currently, the plan is poising to press ahead, and if local vaccination efforts are successful. Phuket could be welcoming travelers months ahead of the rest of Thailand. Although Thailand has largely been seen as successful in having prevented the spread of the virus, the country’s vaccination rollout has been sluggish.

While the lack of tourists hurting the economy, coupled with concern over travelers’ potential for bringing in the virus. Thailand has trialed a number of unique programs to encourage tourism, like yacht quarantine. 

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