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PULSE Art by Claudia Bueno

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Artist Claudia Bueno has recreated the vibrating frequencies of natural life. But, sometimes visible to the naked eye, in her “aquarium-style installationPULSE Art.

Coming to the Vegas branch of Meow Wolf this year. Moreover, the installation has made up of intricate patterns of white lines. That was dedicatedly hand-painted on layers of glass panels and brought to life with sound and light.

Bueno says she is inspired to focus her project on nature. After visiting Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Park six years ago. Being gobsmacking by the natural splendors as she walked above the volcano hiding in plain sight.

Shimmering Vegas installation Celebration

“Spending time in this geographical area where unquestionably nature still rules was a powerful and humbling reminder of our transient existence,” she tells Lonely Planet.

“It felt incredibly vulnerable to be standing over the fine crust. Now it separated my apparently sustainable world from a massive magma pool boiling. Below me with enough power to wipe out our existence with a sneeze.”

However, the beauty of America’s national parks, Yellowstone, where the earth seems to speak. Through spitting geyser, swarms of wildlife, and simmering mud pot is a revelation in nature and humanity.

“Walking around Yellowstone feels like walking through a steaming cloud of our planet’s own breath where air, mist, mud, heat, and water are exuding from its inner core,” says Bueno.

It’s supposing me of a very deep and intimate connection with Earth. Experiencing it as a massive active force and gaining a new perspective of my scale and impact in this world. Perhaps something similar is what touches people so deeply when they visit this area.


Bueno journey with Yellowstone:

Bueno spent days in Yellowstone with her camera, photographing. The microorganisms and intricate natural patterns that grow inside the thermal pools. “From Micro to Macro, I started studying organic networks and growth systems. Like lichen, moss, fungus, leaves, flowers, tree bark, branches, root systems, forests, and so on.

Shimmering Vegas installation Celebration

She returned to the studio in Idaho to transform the patterns into drawings, paintings, sculptures, and Pulse was born. Working with an extensive team of local artists. The panels were hand-painted over the course of eight months. Two technical artists Meason Wiley and sound system for the installation.

Pulse will run alongside ‘creepy grocery store’ Omega Mart as Meow Wolf’s permanent Las Vegas exhibitions. Bueno, hope is that “Pulse can take viewers back to that feeling of coming home. That arises when we are able to go beyond our individual selves and connect to a much bigger expression of life.”

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