Taliban declares victory over Kabul International Airport

Taliban declares victory over Kabul International Airport

On Monday, the Taliban clashed with militia fighters in the Panjshir valley. During the clash, the Panjshir force killed around seven Taliban. The Panjshir is located north of the Afghan capital Kabul. From the day of the defeat of Kabul on August 15, the Panjshir has been territory to hold out against the Taliban.

But, on Tuesday, the force has taken full control of Kabul’s international airport after the last US plane left its runway. One of the Taliban leaders said that they wanted diplomatic relations with the United States and other countries in the world.

A Taliban spokesperson congratulated all the team of its force for the victory over Kabul airport. He also stated that this victory will be the best or biggest lesson for other occupiers and also for the world.

After this moment, the Taliban leaders walk through the runway.

Another one said as Thank god all the occupiers have left our country completely.

After 20 years of struggle, they have defeated the Americans. They have left now and our country is free, said Mohammad Islam.

He also said as we want Shariah means Islamic Law, Peace, and Stability. Finally, we achieve those.

“Their country’s future is in their hands. They will choose their path in full freedom,” he said on Twitter. “This is the chance to bring their war to an end as well.”

Anyhow, it may face some critical situations as they take over the control of the country’s government. Because a mass number of billions of dollars Afghanistan holds in foreign reserve banks which is now freezer in America.

According to the reports, at the time of evacuation, US forces helped around 1,20,000 US citizens, foreigners, and Afghans. On the other hand, Coalition forces also evacuated their citizens and Afghans. But, reports said as, for all who got out, foreign nations and the US acknowledged they didn’t evacuate all who wanted to go.

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