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Google, Meta (Facebook), Microsoft, and Apple are the largest tech companies in the world.  An American multinational tech company Google provides AI, Search Engine Technology, Online advertising, e-Commerce, and other products to the users. Moreover, Google’s name placed in the list of the biggest five tech enterprises in the United States along with Apple, Meta, Microsoft, and Amazon. According to the news, these four technology firms are slowing down the hiring process for next year.

It appears Microsoft has delayed the recruitment process in its Office, Teams, and Windows groups. While Google CEO Sundar Pichai told employees that hiring will slow down this year. On the other hand, Facebook issued a hiring freeze in certain positions.

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A source said as social networking and microblogging service provider, Twitter has reduced 30% of its hiring team. Another largest Tech firm in one of 5 tech companies located in the US, Apple also follows the above firms in recruitment matters.

As of May 2022, Apple remains the 2nd biggest technology firm by market cap in the world. The Lockdown Mode, its also known as a new security feature announced by Apple on July 7, 2022. Users at high risk will protect against spyware cyberattacks with Lockdown Mode, which will available this fall along with the upcoming operating system.

Apple, based in Cupertino, will slow hiring for 2023 despite tough macroeconomic conditions around the world. In addition, some verticals at Apple will experience decreased recruiting activities next year due to the hiring changes. Reports published late Monday indicated that some positions may not have been filled as well.

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