Tesla and SpaceX meets notable price differences

Tesla and SpaceX meets notable price differences in raw materials


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American electric vehicle manufacturer, Telsa stood as one of the world’s most valuable companies. Further, It had sold battery electric vehicles and plug-in electric vehicles throughout the world. A piece of news speculated as Tesla and SpaceX meet notable price differences in raw materials.

Tesla CEO said that his two major businesses are facing difficulties in terms of inflation in raw materials and logistics. Further, Russia and Ukraine’s war reached commodity prices to their most elevated levels since 2008.

As a result of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, car parts like the outside parts of the vehicle with a metal of aluminum and palladium catalytic converters are more expensive, as is higher-grade nickel in battery packs for electric vehicles. So drivers will see a price increase for these materials.

Despite the fact that no Western sanctions have targeted Russian metals. But, some shippers and auto-parts suppliers are shying away from the imports of Russian goods. As of result, It put more pressure on automakers already suffering from the scarcity of fragments and higher energy charges.

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