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We are all well known as Social media remains the best connective way to communicate with others and share your thoughts or opinions, media, etc. According to the reports, India is in second place in terms of the use of the internet or internet users. (Digital News Media)

Nowadays, Social media platforms play a crucial role in everyone’s life. As per the research reports, most people always stay on the internet.

They use it for communication, gathering information, learning purposes, etc. However, Facebook stood in 2nd place. The developer of FB Mark Zukerberg recently changed the name of FB to Meta.

Following, he owned the Instagram app also. This is also another social media platform. Lots of people used it for entertainment purposes and business, and product promotions. As a result, the whole world is on Instagram.

A source said as, on Thursday, a number of Instagram users met a new problem. Users faced problems while they are trying to share photos on Instagram. Further, around 24k people faced this problem.

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