Ukraine Conflict may affect Auto, Pharma, Oil & Gas Sectors

Ukraine Conflict may affect Auto, Pharma, Oil & Gas Sectors

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Ukraine Conflict: The attack on Ukraine by Russia has affected markets around the world. After experiencing a stock market crash in the last trading session, Indian stock indexes have recovered partially. Further, investors are analyzing the direct and indirect effects of the conflict on sectors and companies.

According to the analysts’ prediction, auto, pharma, oil, and gas sectors might affect if the conflict continues in the further days.


Market experts analyzed that the auto sector could be influenced indirectly. Because of supply chain disordering along with high commodity prices via crude by-products and metals. Due to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, commodity prices may also increase such as steel, aluminum, copper, lead, and crude derivatives.

As of the source, Tata Motor’s subsidiary has a manufacturing base in Europe. Jaguar Land Rover acquires 40% of sales from the European region. But, Europe remains dependent on Russia for a substantial part of its energy needs. If there remains a disruption in supply due to sanctions on Russia, companies operating in Europe will be affected.

Pharma: Ukraine Conflict

Stock market predictors said that the Pharma sector may not face significant risk. Because pharma companies did not get raw materials from Russia.

Oil and Gas:

Those who will unable to pass on the increases to their consumers can affect by higher crude oil prices at around $100 a barrel, analysts said. Some benefits may gain by ONGC, GAIL, and Oil India.

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