Uttar Pradesh distributed 7 crores doses of vaccine

Uttar Pradesh distributed 7 crores doses of vaccine

On 29 August, India has vaccinated over 31 lakh people against COVID-19. On the other hand, Uttar Pradesh made its place at first in the overall vaccination approach. However, the state has marked around 7 crores doses.

According to the reports of MHFW, around 31,14,696 people received anti-COVID doses in the last 24 hours. Out of this, 22,07,010 people received their first dose of vaccine and 9,07,686 members got their second dose of vaccine.

As of the overall country count, India has contributed 63,43,81,358 doses of vaccine. In which, 48,85,06,288 are first doses and 14,58,75,070 are second doses.

Now, the North Indian state Uttar Pradesh is leading the vaccination drive. A total of 7,04,81,165 doses were distributed. Further, the monsoon destination Maharashtra placed in a second position with 5,71,66,822 doses and Gujarat with 4,55,07,983 doses.

From day 1 of vaccination to today, the Uttar Pradesh government distributed around 5,91,47,931 doses, and Maharashtra people received 4,17,31,841. Moreover, Madhya Pradesh gave the first dose vaccine to 3,75,83,351 members.

However, Maharashtra was placed at the top position in the number of the second dose of vaccine. It gave around 1,54,34,981 doses. Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh states distributed 1,13,61,112 and 1,13,33,234 doses, respectively.

According to the reports, Coronavirus cases in India reached 32.70 million. In which, 3,76,324 are active cases and up by 7,766 cases. However, the cured patients count increased from 34,763 to 3,19,23,405.

Moreover, death cases are set around 4,38,210, and other 380 new cases added in recent days.

According to data from the Union Health Ministry, India reported 30,941 new COVID-19 cases and 350 deaths in the last 24 hours.


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