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Vocabulary remains defined as all about words and people must understand the meaning of the words to communicate with others effectively. There are four types of vocabulary namely, reading, listening, writing, and speaking vocabulary. Nowadays, it remains very very important to learn the number of vocabulary and its meaning. Thousands of words existed in the dictionary. Some look difficult to pronounce and some appear easy to understand.

According to the source, in the last two years, a few new words joined in the English dictionary. In 2020 March, Coronavirus entered India. Since March, a lot of people exhibit a superior understanding of epidemiological terms. Moreover, they have probably used neologisms like ‘doomscrolling,’ or ‘covidiot,’ and ‘coronials.’

Further, the same thing happens also in other languages Such as German, French, Dutch and etc. On the other hand, Oxford also placed a new word ‘VAX‘ in its Dictionary.

As of the reports, in all languages, a new word was added in the dictionary as word of the year. Here is one thing, the meaning of that word in all languages remains the people experience short-term pain after getting vaccinated against the disease.

In Dutch, ‘prikspijt’ word is added in the dictionary. The meaning of this word remains regret or pain that lasts the short term when one is vaccinated against the disease.

In French government identified around 170 new pandemic-related words in its new addition of dictionary 2022. In which, ‘SARS-CoV-2’, ‘Covid-19’, ‘teletravailler’ (remote work) are the most known words.

Now, coming to the German Language, the editors of the German dictionary added around 1200 new words which also related to the current situation in the world. ‘abstandbier’, coronamutationsgebiet’, ‘ gesichtskondom’, ‘ facemark’.

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