Zoological Park Wild Animals Tested Positive for COVID

Zoological Park Wild Animals Tested Positive for COVID

Zoological Park: Since the end of 2019, the world has been facing critical situations due to the spread of Coronavirus. During these pandemic days, countless people did infected and died over the world. According to the world news reports, some lost their families, and some lost life, career, business, and etc. Moreover, the cent percent of people are at the helpless stage. However, the governments in all countries tried to get relieved of these hard days.

Days are passing but there are no permanent solutions for this problem. Anyhow, the governments passed few instructions to escape from this problem. Those are maintaining masks and sanitize, stay at home, keep maintaining social distance and take healthy food, and not but not least get the COVID vaccine.

However, by following these rules, some saved their lives and others also. Now, the threat of COVID-19 hits the animals. Yes, it’s true.


According to the news, Smithsonian’s National Zoo animal caretakers observed COVID symptoms in several wild animals. African Lions and Tigers have tested likely positive for the virus that causes COVID-19. Now, all the infected animals remain being treated with medication. Moreover, the medicated animals are under close observation. All are waiting for the final results which will be available in the next few days.

Zoological National Park in Washington, Dc remains a well-known tourist place in Washington. However, there is no risk for visitors, animals caretakers, and other staff at the park. Moreover, No other animals at the zoo are showing any symptoms of infection.

Here stands one thing, the officials of the park could not identify the source of the infection that means how the wild animals did contaminate by covid. They are trying to identify the source. However, an experimental veterinary COVID vaccine remained distributed to animals considered at risk of disease.

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